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User Feedback


User Feedback is intended to help solicit, evaluate, and document user experiences in order to improve HSE-MIS processes and system functionality. The aim of this step is to establish user satisfaction levels, identify improvement opportunities, and leverage feedback for improved performance.

 Key Concepts  
  • Tie User Feedback to the requirements of the HSE-MIS Plan. Identify feedback which measures performance separately from feedback which may drive new requirements and enhancements.
  • Use an established method to gather, document, and respond to User Feedback, similar to User Input in the DO phase. Assess and prioritize User Feedback, positive and negative, to ensure continuing success.
  • User Feedback documented during this phase will be a key driver for the ADVANCE phase.
  • The User Feedback step can help reveal new areas of business value, identify areas needing process improvements, and exposing corrections needed immediately.
  • The User Feedback step can help improve ownership and identify features that would improve the overall HSE-MIS solution.
  • User Feedback provides a valuable measure of training effectiveness.


 Practical Advice  
  • Feedback can be documented in many ways—e.g. informally talking with users, setting up post-implementation meetings, or sending out surveys. The important thing is to get meaningful feedback from the users.
  • When deploying a system across a large number of locations or businesses, consider appointing representatives from those areas to solicit and consolidate feedback.
  • Communicate what will be done with the feedback and then follow through. For example, conduct a facilitated feedback session to review the results and create action plans.
  • Make sure you respond to users who have provided feedback regardless of whether or not the feedback will initiate prompt action.
  • Monitor system usage to ensure that people who are supposed to be using the system are actually using it.
  • Lack of complaints does not necessarily mean that users are completely satisfied. Use a formal process for gathering User Feedback.
  • When conducting a survey, be sure to phrase questions in a clear, concise manner to garner the kind of information you need.
  • Conducting surveys over the web can be a quick and efficient way to gather Use Feedback. Make sure any survey tool provides easily reportable results which can be readily shared and summarized.

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