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Business Process Support


Business Process Support refers to the successful integration of business processes with business data.  HSE and Business Process Support systems should complement and support each other so that the most recent, highest quality business data is available, maintained, and utilized. These business processes may include: accounting, capital project reviews, compliance, material management, and supplier reviews.


 Key Concepts  

  • Business Process Support mechanisms put in place to support the HSE solutions should be seamless and add little or no additional burden to existing business functions.
  • The solution must support the business needs and be incorporated into the business processes. 
  • The ability of a system to support business processes is dependent upon: 
    • The quality of the data that feeds the system, be it manual or automated
    • Using the system as intended and designed (in some cases users can find unanticipated value in the system)
  • The main driver for the business processes may not be to meet HSE needs.


 Practical Advice  
  • Throughout the HSE-MIS planning and development processes, stay focused on the business processes.
  • Consider options to better understand non-HSE processes (e.g. training courses, cross-functional assignments, mentors).

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