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GEMI Contact Info:

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Washington, DC 20005
Phone: 202-296-7449
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About GEMI

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How should I use the Web Depot / Where do I get started?
      Start with ABOUT to get an overview of the tool, then decide where you want to go next. To understand an entire process, such as planning, start with the PLAN box and step through all 6 critical areas. If you are interested in a specific topic, select that specific box.
  • How can I get information on company programs?
      Visit the case studies section of the HSE Web Depot.
  • How can I contact someone about the HSE Web Depot?
      Select 'Contact Us' and send GEMI an inquiry.
  • Can I add a case study to the HSE Web Depot?
      At this point, the HSE Web Depot case studies are GEMI companies only.
  • Can I print off just some of the sections that are relevant to my need?
      Yes. Select 'Print', then check the box next to information you are interested in or check the box next to PLAN, DO, CHECK and/or ADVANCE to print the entire section.
  • How do I get the overview for each section?
      On the game board, click on the PLAN, DO, CHECK and/or ADVANCE text to see the overview for that section.
  • How can I provide feedback and suggestions for the HSE Web Depot?
      Feedback and suggestions for building on the HSE Web Depot foundation are welcome. Select 'Contact Us' to provide feedback.
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