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The CHECK phase ensures that users are trained and understand their roles, that the solution is successfully rolled out, and that the solution effectively meets business needs. 

 Key Concepts  
  • Output from the PLAN phase, particularly the HSE-MIS Plan, defines success for the solution. The HSE-MIS Plan is revisited in the CHECK phase to see if the results have met expectations.
  • The User Feedback documented during the CHECK phase will be a key driver in the ADVANCE phase.
  • Training is a critical project success factor.
  • The CHECK phase provides an opportunity to develop and expand management and stakeholder support for a project.
  • The CHECK phase provides an opportunity to capture the value that the health, safety and environmental function delivers to an organization by clearly defining processes and communicating the value achieved by identifying and improving those processes. 
  • The CHECK phase provides a feedback mechanism for users to express their view on what works and, more importantly, what can be improved.
 Practical Advice  
  • The user community as a whole becomes involved in the process during the CHECK phase. As a result, poor planning, inadequate training, and weak or absent communications can cause users to become frustrated - hindering a project's success. To avoid this, the cross-functional team should give as much careful consideration and planning to each of these steps as is given to the PLAN and DO phases.
  • Establish communication channels that provide the individuals receiving the messages with relevant and valuable information. 
  • Capture and communicate unanticipated benefits realized during the CHECK phase.

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