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System Rollout


System Rollout refers to a division/department or company-wide implementation of the application(s).  Rollout occurs on two primary levels: technical (i.e. hardware needs, architecture) and functional (i.e. the user interface, ease of use). System Rollout also includes internal and external communication plans and resources to ensure effective implementation and to acquire more extensive user support and buy-in.

 Key Concepts  
  • The System Rollout step ensures that the newly automated or updated business processes are delivered to the user in a coordinated, well-communicated, and technically successful approach.   


 Practical Advice  
  • Establish clear, well thought-out communications with the users providing updates on schedules and expectations throughout the System Rollout.
  • At the technical level, ensure that the final, approved system is moved to a secure production environment and that the system is loaded with required information. The user support function is put in place and prepared to answer user questions and respond to system problems.
  • At the functional level, effectively train the system users. The system administration function, if required, is set to oversee any day-to-day needs of the application.



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