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Advances in Technology


Keeping abreast of Advances in Technology enables an organization to continuously improve its programs and processes. Careful planning can help make technology less intimidating and enable companies to leverage these advances to their benefit to garner greater speed, new forms of communication, new and better program or product features, improved security, lower costs, and a host of other potential benefits.


 Key Concepts  
  • The technology in the HSE-MIS field advances so rapidly that it presents a challenge to keep up with the pace of new developments.
  • The technology upon which HSE-MIS solutions are built (e.g. operating systems, platforms) needs to be consistent across a user base; otherwise only part of the audience will be able to use the system.
  • Cutting-edge technologies may have their advantages in terms of features and functions, but also may require more time and effort to implement.


 Practical Advice  
  • Make sure the new technology is in line with the Technology Vision and that end users are going to be able to use the new platform.

    • Assess response times and customer support at remote sites (think globally!)

    • Will the new technology require extensive training to use?

  • Ensure that a backup of current systems is made before beginning work. Data can be lost during implementations, especially if migrating legacy data. Consider all aspects of Transitioning to Implementation.
  • Accurately evaluate benefits, costs, and risks of staying with an existing technology versus moving to a new technology.
  • When using a new technology, or a custom made utility, make sure there are adequate assurances that the system will work and be supported.
  • If a new system was created in-house by an outside vendor, resolve the issue up front of who owns the rights to the coding and program.
  • Don't be afraid to throw an old system away and create a new one or upgrade to a new platform. Trying to salvage yesterday's technology may cost more in the long run.



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