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Business Integration


Business Integration refers to incorporating HSE processes into an organization's core business processes, hierarchy, and company culture, so that all HSE-MIS solutions meet or exceed performance requirements while contributing to overall business success.


 Key Concepts  
  • Pursuing the integration of HSE-MIS solutions into core business strategic planning can improve decision-making which may result in improved output with less risk at lower cost to the company.

  • The HSE function needs to understand other relevant business functions and their business languages. 


 Practical Advice  
  • Thoroughly understand the company business strategy and how the business functions within the company are aligned to that strategy.
  • Thoroughly understand and be able to articulate the HSE vision or mission and why it is important that HSE functions be integrated with other business functions.
  • Make sure the right players are present. This is not always the top of the organizational chart. Get the people who do the work and find out how they might use the system.
  • Consider a cross-functional steering committee or governance team that is responsible for communicating the business strategies from each of their segments.

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