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Lessons Learned


Lessons Learned involves the design and implementation of a clear, systematic process to capture and evaluate the experiences of users and the cross-functional team.  The goal is to draw on these experiences when planning and implementing new projects or enhancing existing ones.


 Key Concepts  
  • Have a systematic process to capture previous information management system developments in order to take advantage of current and future information system development efforts.

  • Documenting Lessons Learned captures the user experience and helps replicate past successes—while avoiding a repeat of past mistakes.


 Practical Advice  
  • Don't make the same mistake twice! Chances are, if there were problems implementing a system under one scenario, you may encounter those problems under a similar scenario. Find out why there were problems, and then leverage that information.
  • Keep a documented log of project successes and problems during the project to serve as a reference for the next project. 
  • At the end of a project, have all those involved, including the end users and the key stakeholders, critique the overall process.
  • Always look for ways to reuse work that has already been done, including processes, tools, and previous meeting minutes and other business information.



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