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Transition to Do


It is during the Transition to Do step that the cross-functional team begins to develop potential solutions to the most imperative problems or needs outlined in the Prioritization step.  The objective is to leverage the expertise and experience of the team (ensuring widespread input and buy-in) in order to efficiently resolve any current problems and to set the stage for sustained HSE-MIS performance improvement.

It is during the Transition to Do step that the effort to implement the HSE-MIS Plan moves, formally or informally, from a planning perspective to pulling together the solutions that fulfill the HSE-MIS Plan.

 Key Concepts  
  • Once the HSE-MIS Plan is in place, move to implementing the solutions.
  • Ownership of the project change, so it is important to the success of the project that the project owners at every stage have bought in to the system and know their responsibilities. As an example, a centralized corporate department may plan and implement a system at a facility level, but once the system is implemented it may be up to the facility to continue to maintain the system.
  • Changes should be reviewed and approved by the cross-functional team.
  • Set a project timeline and milestones.
  • Identify and involve new members of the team who will be involved in the implementation process. New expertise may be needed.
 Practical Advice  
  • Develop a change management process to deal with any HSE-MIS Plan changes. Even small changes could cause major project rework or delay.
  • Develop project Implementation Plans that can be accomplished in a short enough amount of time to ensure success, establish credibility, and gain buy-in.
  • Focus on the HSE-MIS Plan, but consider future enhancements. Document new business needs as they arise for future implementations. Be flexible. You may have to revisit one or more of the HSE-MIS Plan steps.

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