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Global Considerations


HSE-MIS solutions take on even greater significance as companies increase their global operations. Global Considerations include the HSE-MIS effects on a diverse group of stakeholders whose goals and interests may not be immediately clear. The stakeholders or process participants may be anyone within the company or outside the company and across the globe with different perspectives.


 Key Concepts  
  • International users have different frames of reference, standards, cultures, and expectations. Organizations have broad expectations for their international counterparts, but often have very little experience dealing with all the issues surrounding those expectations.

  • Important questions to pose and address include:

    • Who are the stakeholders worldwide? What are their expectations of the HSE-MIS solution?
    • How are you going to manage the cultural and language differences?
    • Do the information system platforms support multiple language systems and do they address cultural differences?
 Practical Advice  
  • Be patient.
  • Before attempting to work with international users, do your homework. Learn about culture and customs — it will make the project flow much easier. It is worth taking the time to understand the needs and differences before expanding HSE-MIS solutions to encompass overseas operations.
  • If this is a very large project, try to have at least one face-to-face meeting at the beginning of the project to help build trust and understanding. Keep users involved and informed throughout the project and encourage feedback.
  • Inquire about their existing systems. Do not expect them to have the same infrastructure and expectations as the U.S. counterpart. Ask for advice on formatting and language.
  • Ensure that systems have common definitions and terminology (e.g. hazardous waste is not defined the same everywhere). Know what you are asking for so you get what you need.

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