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Technology Vision


The Technology Vision step is an assessment of current and future trends in information technology as they relate to HSE-MIS requirements. The Technology Vision enables the HSE and information system functions to think strategically about optimizing the short- and long-term technology solutions to meet the needs identified in the Information Model with those technologies that will be supported by the information systems function.

 Key Concepts  
  • Obtain input from the cross-functional team, especially the MIS function.
  • Identify technological alternatives for accomplishing specific HSE objectives.
  • Identify future trends and developments that may impact HSE-MIS.
  • Ensure that the Technology Vision is accessible to and understood by all functional areas.


 Practical Advice  
  • Evaluate the benefits and costs of staying with an existing technology versus moving to a new technology. Short-term business objectives may be met by existing technologies, while longer term objectives may require new technology. 
  • A technological breakthrough today may be outmoded in a few months, well before long-term planning is implemented. Consulting with information systems personnel is highly recommended.
  • A technological breakthrough in the marketplace does not ensure a good match with the company's business objectives. Stick to the HSE-MIS Plan.



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