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HSE Vision


The HSE Vision communicates the unifying concept that guides the HSE-MIS planning process and is driven by the company's strategic business plan. The HSE Vision must be consistent with the scope of the strategic business plan to ensure that the HSE Vision encompasses corporate, business unit, and facility-level business activities. 

 Key Concepts  


  • Develop a long-term HSE Vision driven by the corporate strategic business plan, and consider integration of the HSE business processes with other business and operational processes.
  • Companies with pre-existing HSE visions/strategies should consider updating them regularly to account for changes in business objectives, advances in technology, new regulatory requirements, and other external drivers.
  • Identify and evaluate impacts and performance with regard to all applicable regulations and requirements, and establish HSE goals and targets.
  • Solicit feedback and obtain buy-in from all concerned HSE, customer, and operational professionals, and communicate HSE strategies and implementation goals clearly and consistently to each audience.  


 Practical Advice  
  • Solicit feedback from and involve a broad spectrum of stakeholders from the initial phases of your HSE Vision development. This will help to ensure a comprehensive strategy that enjoys widespread support at all levels.
  • Technology and HSE requirements are always changing, and though it might be hard to predict the future, HSE-MIS professionals can help provide a forecast of technology needs or developments. HSE-MIS professionals need to have a good understanding of the Technology Vision and its impact on the HSE business processes. Their experience and expertise can prove very helpful in long-term strategic planning.
  • Consider the need for the investment to replace or modify existing systems. Is the existing system adequate to reach the objectives? Can the issues be resolved through system solutions or business process improvements?

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