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User Input


User Input is an essential and ongoing initiative, central to all HSE-MIS planning and implementation steps. Soliciting and incorporating input and feedback from those at the appropriate business levels, as well as from customers and other external stakeholders, are crucial to the success of any HSE-MIS solution. User Input is an invaluable "across-the-board" principle, whether developing the Vision or evaluating a particular software program.

 Key Concepts  
  • To help ensure user ownership and project success:
    • Form the cross-functional team during the PLAN phase
    • Communicate with users who provided input about the outcome of their suggestions
  • Provide a formal process for collecting, evaluating, and prioritizing User Input.
 Practical Advice  
  • Develop surveys to help focus input.
  • Set up task committees for design ideas specific to system functionality, and keep these committees involved throughout implementation.
  • Don't be afraid to deny a request if it is out of scope or does not meet the HSE-MIS Plan. Denied requests may be evaluated for use in future enhancements.
  • Build user ownership by communicating decisions made from User Input.
  • Document input regardless of whether specific User Input is used.



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